Service Reminders

Service reminders can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

On the simple side, you may have nothing more than a 1-year reminder for an annual and a 50-hour reminder for oil change.

A complex airplane may have dozens of items based on varying hours and calendar times, as shown in the accompanying screen capture.

The following sections will walk you through the process of adding and then completing a service item.


Add a Reminder

To add a service reminder, tap the + on the main screen which will present the entry form.

Enter the number of hours, days, months, or years, then tap the appropriate interval.

Enter the date and Hobbs (or Tach) of the previous service and tap Save.

Repeat for each of the service items you desire to track.


Import Reminders

If you have more than a few items, you may choose to create a spreadsheet and import them as a batch. The spreadsheet can contain the Date and Hours of the last time the service was performed.

Click here to download a sample spreadsheet.

Populate the spreadsheet and Export it in CSV format to your iCloud Drive. The app will allow you to browse the files on your Drive. Select the file and import.

The spreadsheet should have 3 columns. The first column is either a Calendar or Hours “marker”, or a description of the service item. Column B is the Last Hours of the service and Column C is the Last Date.

The marker field is a number followed by one of Hours, Days, Months, or Years, and signals that all of the following items have the specified service interval. For example:

50 Hours

Oil change

Check Spark Plugs

30 Days

VOR check

1 Year


See the sample spreadsheet for a complex example.

Apply Service

After coming out of service, you will want to update all the items that were performed during the service. That can be done one item at a time, or as a batch operation.

To updated multiple items at once, tap the “Edit” button in the top right. That will display all the service items and provide a means to select the completed items. Scroll to select and then tap the “Service” button at the bottom. A new screen will be displayed, prompting you for the date, the Hobbs (or Tach) time, and any notes you want to apply.

Tap “Save” and the changes will be updated and saved.

Note: An active internet connection is required to perform a batch operation.