Key Features

• Support for multiple airplanes and multiple owners

• Log flights, squawks and observations

• Track required and optional service items by hours and dates

• Export as spreadsheet with flexible date filtering

• Share reports via email, message, and other methods

• All information can be shared among invited owners


• Customize display with personalized photo

• Quickly view recent usage by month and by partner

Flight Logs

• Log Hobbs and (if installed) Tach time

• Autofill Origin and initial timer values from previous entry

• Autofill Destination airport to nearest airport

• Optionally record fuel remaining, oil added, or notes

• Export flight log with flexible date filtering

Squawks and Observations

• Save any anomalies discovered on a flight

• Closed items are remembered for future reference

• Quickly prepare report for maintenance visits

Service Reminders

• Track required hourly and calendar maintenance items

• Easily report Past Due, Coming Soon, and Later items

• Mark completed items by Hobbs and Date after service visit